NORTIND collaborates with Volda University College, and if you want you can combine your NORTIND certification programme with a university college exam and university credits.


If you want to do this, you register with Volda University College at the start of the certification programme, and take an exam after you have been approved as an aspirant mountain guide and as a mountain guide. In total this will give you 90 university credits – equivalent to 1 1/2 years of study at university college.

NORTIND has complete responsibility for certification throughout. You can still become a fully qualified mountain guide even if you do not take the exam at Volda University College.




Topics covered by the certification programme
This list gives a summary of the areas covered during the course of the certification programme. Some of those topics are almost entirely covered by a single course. However, most of them will come up repeatedly during certification.


  • Safety techniques and equipment – snow, ice, rock
  • Glaciers, Snow, Geology and weather knowledge
  • Ice on lakes and rivers
  • Plants and animals
  • Organised rescues in the mountains, snow and ice
  • Partner rescue in the mountains, snow and ice
  • Clothing, food, drink, shelter and camps
  • First aid
  • Orienteering and route selection
  • Understanding the natural environment and cultural awareness
  • The history and traditions of outdoors activities
  • Norwegian and alpine outdoor activity traditions
  • Guiding and teaching outdoor activities


Certification courses

Most topics are covered through one methods course and one instruction course. Participants will be assessed at each course. However, certification is based on an overall and continuous assessment, with the requirement that you must become a highly qualified guide in challenging mountain terrain.

Courses for Mountain Guide candidates:
  • Nordic ski mountaineering, methods course and instruksjon/guiding course
  • Alpine mountaineering/ rock climbing, methods course and instruksjon/guiding course
  • Glacier mountaineering, methods course and instruksjon/guiding course
  • Snow and avalanche rescues
  • Alpine rescues – glaciers and cliff faces
  • Alpine ski mountaineering, methods course
  • Sport climbing techniques – summer and winter
  • Plants, animals and geology
  • First aid in the mountains
Courses for aspirant guides:
  • Alpine ski mountaineering in the Alps
  • Outdoor mountaineering activities in the Alps

The courses for becoming a qualified mountain guide have roughly the same contents in the various IFMGA countries. The order may vary slightly. Also, some countries may have one or two extra courses. In Norway, for example, we have two types of skiing courses: Methods courses and instruction courses for traditional mountain skiing, and the same for skiing in Alpine terrain.

Two of the NORTIND certification courses take place in the Alps. One in Alpine skiing terrain and one in Alpine climbing terrain.


The courses will be taught in Norwegian. We thus only accept Norwegian speaking applicants.


Link to the stuy at the Volda University College